[Webinar] Early Childhood Education Courses & The Need For ECE In BC

Discover the Early Childhood Education courses available to you and the brand new ECE opportunities in BC. Hear from industry veterans, instructors and current students in this ECE webinar.

If you’re looking into starting a career in Early Childhood Education then no doubt you are looking for answers to some pretty important questions.

We put together a panel of instructors of Early Childhood Education courses, industry veterans, and current ECE students to provide the answers to the most important questions about starting a career in Early Childhood Education.

In this webinar we cover all of the following topics:

  • Early Childhood Education courses & program options
  • Benefits of Sprott Shaw’s hands-on learning environment
  • Brand new opportunities for the ECE Industry in BC
  • Current labour market trends
  • ECE Licensing applications and process.
  • Sprott Shaw ECE graduate outcomes

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