Where applicable, school policy, as outlined in the student handbook, will be used in settling internal disagreements.  The student should approach the staff person with whom he/she has the disagreement.  If the issue cannot be resolved, the student will follow the steps as outlined below.

Please note:  this applies to all Sprott Shaw students who are currently enrolled or were enrolled no more than one year prior to filing of this dispute.  At any time during this process, the student may choose to seek and retain representation by an agent or a lawyer.

  • In the event of a dispute between the College and a student, the student shall provide a written statement to the Director of the Campus detailing the student’s interpretations of the situation and his/her suggested remedy.  The Campus Director will meet with the student within five days to try and resolve any outstanding issues.  The Campus Director will either provide a written decision to the student the day after the meeting or inform the student in writing that an investigation into the matter is ongoing and will complete the investigation within 48 hours of the written notification.
    • If needed, a second meeting with the Campus Director may be requested by the student or the Director within five days to discuss the written decision and determine if the dispute can be resolved or to clarify information from the first meeting.  The result of this meeting is documented with a copy given to the student the day after the meeting.
    • If the student wishes to appeal the decision of the Campus Director, the student will submit a written statement and the Director of the Campus will provide a written summary of events (both within five days) to the Regional Director who will review all documents and contact the student and Director within 5 days to set a meeting should it be deemed necessary. The meeting will be within 10 days of receiving the complaint from the student.
    • The Regional Director will either render a decision or request more information within 5 days of the meeting.
    • If a request for information is made by the Regional Director, a decision will be rendered within 10 days of the initial meeting with the student and Director.
    • If the student wishes to appeal the decision of the Regional Director, both the student and the Regional Director will submit written statements, within five days to the Vice President who will review all documents and meet with the student and Regional Director within ten days.
    • A final decision will be made by the Vice President within 5 days of the meeting.

Please note that if the Campus Director, Regional Director or Vice President is absent or unable to respond to the complaint or is named in the complaint, the President will appoint a Designate who will assume the absent person’s duties and responsibilities in the Dispute Resolution process.


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