Sprott Shaw College is pleased to offer a number of programs that contain work experience. These programs primarily involve one of the three following types of work experience, as defined by the Private Training Institution Branch (PTIB) bylaws.


i) A supervised and mandatory portion (required for graduation) of the educational program emphasizing the practical application of the previously learned theory, methods, skills, professionalism, orientation, and ethics in a specialized area of study.

ii) Students must be supervised and evaluated by the employer or host organization and monitored by their instructor/institution while engaged in productive work (not merely observing) where no remuneration is received.

Co‐op Education:

i) A required and competitively paid work period within a program of study that alternates periods of study with periods of employment in a formalized sequence beginning with and ending with an academic term.

Clinical Placement:

i) A required (for graduation from an educational program) and unpaid part of an educational program in a real‐life setting (hospital, clinic, lab, etc.) where a student performs actual clinical procedures on real patients/clients under the direct supervision of an instructor, and where the instructor/student ratio does not exceed 1:12.

ii) All International students enrolled in any program that has work experience, whether paid or unpaid, must have a valid work permit. The student must be in possession of this permit for the placement process to begin. When the student’s work experience is scheduled to begin, they will be contacted by the Co-op placement coordinator and the process will proceed as follows:

  • The Coordinator will interview the student to assess the student’s suitability for specific types of roles within the industry related to their program of study and orient them to the placement process
  • The coordinator and the student work together to prepare all employment documentation.
  • The coordinator will begin to arrange an interview with the most suitable employer and liaise with the student and prospective employer.
  • The student will attend the interview as scheduled and confirm that an offer of employment is brought forward. If no offer is forthcoming, another interview will be arranged. The process is repeated until an offer is secured.
  • The coordinator confirms that a host agreement is in place with the employer and that the employer is aware of their obligations.
  • The student begins their work term and reports as required on a monthly basis.
  • Upon completion of the work term, the student submits their full report and the employer submits their evaluation of the student’s performance.


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