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Child and Family Development

Sprott Shaw College is a provincial leader in Early Childhood and Family development training with a variety of programs ranging from 12 weeks to 18 months. Start your ECE career as an Assistant to get hands on experience working in a Childcare facility with a Certified Early Childhood Educator by your side, or get started as an Educator right away by taking our Basic ECE program. Once you take our Basic program you can choose to return for our Post-Basic ECE program which includes additional specialized college courses for Infants, Toddlers and Children with Exceptionalities, or you can do everything at once with our Early Childhood Education Diploma program.

If you are interested in working with children with special needs (K to 12) you may be interested in our Teaching Assistant program. Learn how to create education plans, use counseling techniques, and teach self-care skills to the students who need you the most.

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