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Health Unit Clerk Program

This program is for students who have business foundation skills.

The occupational objective of this program is to prepare the student to gain employment in: hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, public health care agencies, long-term care facilities. In the workplace, they will perform non-clinical tasks usually under the supervision of nursing staff and provide the link between patients, physicians, nursing staff and other departments. Job duties and environments vary by place of employment. Some Hospital Unit Clerks are employed part-time or work evening or weekend shifts.

The job outlook for qualified unit clerks is very good due to advances in medical technology. According to the Health Careers Center, job opportunities are expected to be plentiful for health unit clerks, with growth mirroring that of all health care professions.

The learning outcomes include the following:

  • To perform receptionist duties such as greeting and checking in patients
  • To manage and coordinate scheduling of appointments
  • To compile patients’ charts
  • To transcribe physicians’ orders
  • To prepare birth and/or death certificates
  • To record vital signs
  • To complete the admission, pre-operative, and post-operative procedures

Other duties may include:

  • Receiving new patients
  • Collecting patient records
  • Ordering hospital supplies

Applicants must show proof (transcript) of successful completion of transcription, medical terminology and office skills from a recognized healthcare program.
One year of clerical experience or graduation from a recognized clerical program (letter from employer or certificate / diploma).
Good working knowledge of computers would be highly recommended.