The Pathway to a Career in International Trade

The world of business is vast and encompasses much more than you think. One of the most overlooked business fields is international trade. In fact, without the international trade industry, you would most likely never have access to much of what you eat, wear, and buy. Just take a look at the tag of the shirt you’re wearing right now … Does it say made in Canada? Case in point.

Many of the things we enjoy need to be imported from countries across the globe. Just like how we have many things imported, we also export a number of goods across the world. Some of the things Canada exports the most of include mineral fuels, machinery, wood, and gold. Thanks to international trade, we can pick and choose what we want to eat, wear, and buy.

This intriguing field is dynamic, ever-changing, and lively. If you’re interested in learning more about international trade and how you can pursue a career in this field, then keep on reading.

What Is International Trade?

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International trade is a considerable driving force for economic growth in Canada. In 2018, the total value of trade in goods and services for Canada reached $1.5 trillion CAD. In 2019, Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) numbers reached $1,736,425.63 USD, which all speaks to the weight of international trade.

A career in international trade is bustling and involves working with people all around the world. Often times, people working in this industry will support the import and export of a wide variety of goods. They will also prepare and process import and export documents and other forms for their clients according to applicable customs, regulations, laws, and procedures. Since trade involves moving goods around, they also arrange for the payment of fees associated with transporting, storing, and importing goods from various regions and countries.

The Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)

The Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) is an international trade training and professional certification body endorsed by the Government of Canada, Trade Commissioner Service, and EDC (Export Development Canada). As a not-for-profit organization, it’s dedicated to providing international business training resources and professional certifications to individuals and businesses.

As the only organization of its kind in the world, the FITT sets the global standard and designs the training programs for the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation. This designation officially validates the professional competency of international trade professionals.

Sprott Shaw’s International Trade Program

At Sprott Shaw, we offer a variety of International Trade programs including International Trade, International Trade with Practicum, International Trade and Business Management, and International Trade and Business Management with Practicum.

Students enrolled in one of these programs will be equipped with knowledge in products and services for the global market, global value chain, global trade, international trade finance, international market entry strategies, and much more.

By the end of the program, students will be skilled in providing advice to clients on export and import restrictions, tariff systems, letters of credit, insurance requirements, and other customs-related matters.

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Sprott Shaw and FITT

Sprott Shaw College has partnered with FITT to offer the FITTskills Program. The FITTskills Program is a highly practical and hands-on series of courses designed to focus on the fundamental concepts of international trade in goods and business. Students enrolled at Sprott Shaw may register for these courses as part of the International Trade Programs. Upon successful completion of all the required courses, students are eligible to write an exam administered by the FITT in pursuit of an additional FITT Diploma in International Trade, which fulfills the educational requirements of the FITT CITP designation.

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