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Practical Nursing Program

Practical Nursing


Enroll today with the largest provider of Practical Nursing training in BC!

Our graduates are working in hospitals and facilities across the province, click the “Additional Info.” tab for more details!


Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) in BC provide nursing services to patients and their families across the lifespan in a variety of hospital, community, residential and home care environments working as an integral part of the health team in collaboration with Physicians, RNs and RPNs. LPNs practice nursing using their knowledge, skills, judgment, critical thinking and problem solving to provide safe, competent and ethical care.

Comprehensive patient assessments serve as the basis for developing individual nursing care plans. Practical Nurses perform nursing interventions such as:

  • Provide nursing care in the acute, geriatric and home care settings
  • Assess and monitor patients in various healthcare settings
  • Assist clients with activities of daily living such as personal care
  • Administer medication to patients and monitor their effectiveness
  • Document assessments and report progress
  • Perform examinations in consultation with doctors, registered nurses and therapists
  • Educate patients and family regarding health-related issues
  • Advocate for clients
  • Assist in rehabilitation activities
  • Be a team leader and assign care to unregulated care providers


Learning Objectives

The Sprott Shaw College (SSC) Practical Nursing Program curriculum is based on the BC College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP, formerly the CLPNBC) Standards of Practice Framework. These include the Scope of Practice Standards, Professional Standards and the Practice Standards as set out

On completion of this program graduates will:

  1. Apply the Entry to Practice Competencies for Licensed Practical Nurses (2013) to provide safe, competent and ethical nursing care to clients across the lifespan
  2. Practice within current legislation, Scope of Practice Standards (2014), Practice Standards, and Professional Standards for Licensed Practical Nurses (May 2014)
  3. Value and engage in continuous learning to maintain and enhance competence
  4. Practice in collaboration with other members of the health care team to meet the collective needs of their clients
  5. Participate in interprofessional problem solving and decision making processes
  6. Advocate for and facilitate change reflecting evidence-informed practice
  7. Make practice decisions that are client specific and consider client acuity, complexity, variability, and available resources
  8. Use critical thinking, clinical judgement and knowledge of assessment to plan, implement, and evaluate the agreed upon care of plan
  9. Develop a collaborative relationship with clients by connecting, sharing, and exploring with them in a caring environment
  10. Provide culturally safe, person-centered care across the lifespan that recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each individual and is sensitive to cultural safety and diversity
  11. Provide leadership, direction, assignment and supervision of unregulated care providers as  appropriate
  12. Identify own values, biases and assumptions and the influence of these on interactions with clients and other members of the health care team

Other Specifications

Basic word processing and computer skills are required; a caring attitude and a sincere interest in the well-being of people are essential; foundational courses in Mathematics, Biology, Psychology and Sociology are an asset; flexible and adaptable work/life schedule to accommodate for clinical experience shift work; healthcare related work/volunteer experience strongly recommended; must be able to cope with the emotional aspects of working with the sick, injured and terminally ill. Has the following required skills and abilities described in Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse in Canada Requisite Skills and Abilities (2013):

  • Cognitive skills that demonstrate thinking capacity.
  • Communication ability to express and receive written, verbal and non-verbal language, and the ability to interact with others in a respectful and professional manner.
  • Ability to create positive relationships.
  • Ability to conduct oneself in a professional manner.
  • Ability to accurately perceive using sight, hearing, smell and touch to provide safe care and actively participate in nursing activities.
  • Ability to physically participate in providing safe client care and educational activities.
  • Ability to provide safe client care in commonly encountered and unavoidable environmental factors.


Where are our graduates working?

Sprott Shaw College graduates are working across the province in all Health Authorities including Vancouver Coastal, Fraser Health, Island Health, Northern and Interior Health Authorities. Our graduates are working in hospitals like Vancouver General, Surrey Memorial, Chilliwack Hospital, Kelowna General, Penticton, Regional Interior, Victoria General and more. We have graduates working in complex care facilities operated by the health authorities and privately managed care facilities. We also have graduates working in the largest private nursing care companies in BC like Nurse Next Door, Bayshore Home Health and AdvoCare Health Services. If for are any reason you need assistance finding employment after graduation, we offer Employment Services for life at each of our 16 campuses.


Bachelor of Nursing

Sprott Shaw College graduates of our Practical Nursing program are eligible for admission towards the Bachelor of Nursing (Post-LPN) Program of Athabasca University.


Langara College

Sprott Shaw College graduates of our Practical Nursing program are eligible for admission towards the Advanced Entry Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at Langara College.



Nonviolent Crisis Intervention©

link-to-us-NCI This program includes the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention© Seminar using the Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc. curriculum and certified training. All students will be able to take the exam to become Blue Card™ endorsed.


Biology, English and Math Upgrade Courses

We offer Biology, English and Math upgrade courses needed for the Practical Nursing program. The cost of this upgrade will be credited to your account once you have been accepted as a Practical Nursing student at Sprott Shaw College. Speak with a Career Advisor for more details.




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Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse in Canada: Requisite Skills and Abilities document

Professional Standards

Entry to Practice Competencies for Licensed Practical Nurses (2013)

Scope of Practice: Standards, Limits and Conditions

Practice Standards