Advanced Customer Service Professional with Co-op

Welcome to the Customer Service Professional program. Meet customer service professionals from around the world, sharpen the skills you will need in the service industry, and develop the confidence, perspective, skills, knowledge and drive that will help you succeed.

The fundamental duties of a Customer Service provider are to answer questions and resolve problems. Success in this regard depends on the provider’s ability to connect with customers on a personal level. To that end, this program will teach skills related to forming proper attitudes, creating strong first impressions, communicating well both verbally and non-verbally and most importantly, understanding just what it is a customer needs and wants.

The co-op portion of the program offers students the opportunity to practice what they have learned in class, practice their English skills in English speaking working environments, and gain professional experience.

Co-op eligibility will be based on grades (which must be an average of 70% or better during the class components), classroom attendance, academic performance as well as one’s adaptability in a culturally diverse environment and general work ethic.

FoodSafe and Serving-it-Right certificates will be completed during the program.

Learning Objectives

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  • Effectively interact with customers, team members and management
  • Blend techniques and strategies to become more effective workers through problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Fit into the environment of new trends in the restaurant, catering, hotel and tourism industries
  • Recognize and deal with the challenges of communicating with customers and the skills required
  • Satisfy the needs and wants of people who do the hiring
  • Use and demonstrate appropriate business and personal etiquette
  • Motivate through positive psychological self-understanding
  • Use hospitality job survival techniques in the highly stressed world of the hotel, hospitality and tourism industry
  • Learn the knowledge required for both the FoodSafe BC and Serving-it Right certificates
  • Use effective job search strategies

Diploma Program

Total Program Hours:
1120 Hours
Full-Time Program Length:
56 Weeks
(Includes holidays and professional days)
Program content is subject to change.

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Admission Requirements:
  • Grade 12 or mature student status
  • TOEFL: iBT 53, OR IELTS 4.5 OR TOEIC 550 OR completed Level 3 at Sprott Shaw College
  • Any recognized international English language equivalency test score such as CELPIP, Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE), CEFR OR
  • Successfully attain the required score on the Sprott Shaw College entrance exam
  • Interview required
Diploma Requirements:
  • Successful completion of the program requires an average of 70% or greater over all 7 modules
  • The co-op portion of the program requires the full completion of the 560 co-op hours for a pass/fail grade
* Advanced Customer Service Professional with Co-op was reviewed and approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

Students can expect to complete one to three hours of homework per day.

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Courses List

This 56 week Diploma program requires the student to complete the following courses.

Interpersonal Skills and Development

  • Develop interpersonal skills on the job
  • Understand and work with various personalities
  • Effectice communication - verbal and nonverbal
  • Problem-solving and resolving conflict
  • Understanding cultural diversity
  • Professional business ethics

  • Customer Service Professional Co-op
  • 560 hour (28-week) co-op

Customer Service: Food & Beverage

  • Recognize kitchen products and their usage
  • Use cooking and kitchen terminology
  • Differentiate between a variety of meal services
  • Match drinks to food
  • Make food and drink pairing suggestions
  • Take reservations, deal with line ups and waiting
  • Serving-It-Right


  • Communicate within the Canadian culture
  • Communicate effectively within a multicultural system
  • Understand and modify to workplace cultures
  • Reflect a professional image
  • Demonstrate proper business etiquette
  • Effective time management

At Your Service: Hotel and Catering Industry

  • Booking procedures and reservations
  • Confirmations and cancellations
  • Handling difficult guests, handle complaints
  • Provide concierge duties and functions
  • Make recommendations, give directions, book tours
  • Communicate with other hotel departments

Personal Skills / Career Tools

  • Transfer prior skills and knowledge to a new job
  • Understand personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Effective job search
  • Resumes, cover letters and interviewing skills
  • Positive first impressions

Tourism and Hospitality

  • Understanding the tourism industry and the different kinds of tourism
  • Careers in tourism
  • Marketing tourism Attractions and events
  • Business travel
  • Arrivals and departures
  • Checking in and out

Customer Satisfaction: Leaders and Motivation

  • Identify key leadership traits for personal development
  • Develop skills for coaching and training others
  • Improve techniques for building relationships with-workers
  • Use the cycle of service for each customer
  • Apply guidelines and strategies for making ethical decisions and behaving ethically
  • Apply general principles of customer satisfaction

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