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College Campus Locations

Kelowna College Campus

Welcome to our Sprott Shaw Kelowna College Campus! Our campus is centrally located in the Sunny Okanagan, 2 minutes from our famous beaches and minutes away from our world renowned wineries!

Our college in Kelowna, BC, Canada is known in our community for our ‘heart’. We have had many volunteer opportunities to give back and contribute to the Kelowna Food Bank and the Children’s Wing at the Kelowna General Hospital. It is our goal that you walk away with not just a diploma, but with an enriched experience that you will be proud of for the rest of your life!

Sprott Shaw Kelowna College Programs

Our graduates have enjoyed new options and employment opportunities within the Okanagan, whether it is as a Early Childhood Education, Practical Nurse, Health Care Assistant, Social Services, Legal Assistant, Medical Office Assistant or Business. We are proud of every last student who ‘rings that bell’ and would like to congratulate all who achieved their goals.

We would like to acknowledge and thank employers who assist our students in practicum and clinical placements. We appreciate our community partnerships!

Kelowna College Experiences

Student life at our college in Kelowna can be fun and rewarding as well as productive! Holidays are celebrated, exceptional students and staff are recognized, accomplishments honoured and games are played!


We hope that your experience as a student here is as fun and exciting as our past graduates have described:

“Awesome! Instructors and Teachers are hands on and care about what we learn.”
“I feel listened to! Staff and faculty are always on hand to provide an encouraging word. Their knowledge and experience makes me want to push myself towards excellence!”
“I had no idea I was going to a school that really cared about their community. I am proud of what we have done to give back! I know that I will continue to volunteer in my community and encourage my employer to do the same!”
“Fun, positive, energetic, vibrant, friendly, open, respectful, non-judgmental, willing to help, acceptance, welcoming, easy going, motivating, crazy, inspirational, funny and approachable! Lots of laughs while learning! It just doesn’t get better than this!”
Companies Hiring Grads
  • Interior Health Authority
  • Good Samaritan Society
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • ICBC
  • Isite
  • Nurses Next Door
  • MediKel
  • Pushor Mitchell
  • Toothzone
  • Advocare
  • We Care
  • Okanagan Mental Health
  • Hildebrandt Homes
  • Sandman Inn
  • Tickle Trunk
  • Okanagan Vineyards
  • London Drugs
  • Space Center
  • Okanagan Life Magazine
  • Stats Canada
  • Total Office
  • Arion Farms
  • BC Child Welfare
  • Womens Shelter
  • Monkey’s Playhouse
  • Karis Support Society
Not every program is available at every campus. Please contact us to confirm if your program of choice is available at your local campus.


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